🇮🇱 Day 277 🎗 3 HEADLINES, 7 NEWS and 1 COMMENTARY… (🇬🇧 version)

🚩 Lebanon: The situation remains extremely tense, and Hezbollah is increasing the depth of attacks 

🚩 Gaza: hostilities resumed in the north of the enclave. Hamas threatening to stop the exchange deal

🚩 The sirens sounded 17 times in Israel over Monday (54 times Sunday) past week 382 three times

🔷 Based on intelligence and using precise munition, Israel struck several terrorists who were conducting terrorist activities, using school in the area of Nuseirat in the Gaza Strip as cover. “The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations systematically violate international law, exploiting civilian structures and population as human shields for terror attacks against the State of Israel,” IDF informed. https://lnk.sk/jon7

🔷 An IDF fighter jet early Tuesday morning successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target that approached southern Israel from the east. The target did not cross into Israeli territory. https://lnk.sk/chfr

🔷 Israel struck an Iranian target in the northwest of the country overnight Monday. The Saudi TV channel Al-Hadath reported that an air defense system belonging to the pro-Iranian militias was attacked. The Syrian Ministry of Defense claimed that Israel was behind the attack. https://lnk.sk/synz

🔷 Poll: 53% oppose the deal being negotiated with Hamas for the release of hostages, 36% support it, according to the poll conducted by the Direct Polls institute for TV Channel 14. Details of deal: Israel will withdraw from the Philadelphi corridor and the Netzarim corridor, and Hamas operatives will be able to return and seize terrorist infrastructures. In return, Israel will receive 18 living hostages, and about 15 bodies. https://lnk.sk/qac6

🔷 Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon who has a chance to be French PM refused to condemn Hamas massacre and claims Israel committing genocide. Most prominent far-left politician, pledged in his victory speech to push for the recognition of a Palestinian state. This surprising victory came despite polls predicting a win for the far-right National Rally. https://lnk.sk/ahe3 ; https://lnk.sk/vade 

🔷 A right-wing party led by Naftali Bennett, former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, Avigdor Liberman and Gideon Sa’ar would receive 32 mandates survey revealed on Sunday. Right-wing politicians hint at political cooperation and the return of former PM Naftali Bennett in a bid to oust Netanyahu. https://lnk.sk/nora ; https://lnk.sk/ptf8

🔷 Former chief commander of IDF troops in the West Bank Yehuda Fuchs (Fox) slams silence on settler violence in resignation speech: ‚This is not the way’. Judea and Samaria Leader: ‚Fox caused very severe damage to the Israeli population.’ Otzma Yehudit MK Limor Son Har-Melech claimed that Fuchs had endangered security in the West Bank and was „completely disconnected from reality.” https://lnk.sk/jfi8 ; https://lnk.sk/puk2 ; https://lnk.sk/vt07 

🔵 COMMENTARY of the day: When Should Israel Fight Hizbullah?

Elliot Kaufman, The Wall Street Journal
Iran’s Lebanese proxy militia Hizbullah has depopulated the north of Israel. Israel has evacuated 70,000 civilians as Hizbullah has fired more than 5,000 missiles and drones since Oct. 7. Israel has killed some 360 Hizbullah fighters, but Hizbullah has an army of tens of thousands, plus at least 150,000 missiles.
    A source close to Prime Minister Netanyahu said: „We’re building up our arms industry, stockpiling so the U.S. can’t blackmail us….We’ll have a war when we’re ready.“ This will take some time. So too, he says, will a cost-effective solution to Hizbullah’s suicide drones. An Israeli negotiator adds that it would be foolish to attempt the war on the eve of U.S. elections. …

Israeli military officials say the Biden administration wants to avert war but is going about it all wrong. Its focus on restraining Israel emboldens the terrorists – making war more likely. When the Biden administration withholds arms or delays their transfer, Hizbullah can take the threat of an Israeli attack less seriously. https://lnk.sk/hafq