🇮🇱 Day 278 🎗 3 HEADLINES, 7 NEWS and 1 COMMENTARY… (🇬🇧 version)

🚩 Judea&Samaria (so-called. West bank): terrorists may have infiltrated settlement Almon

🚩 Lebanon: two Israeli civilians killed by rockets of Hezbollah in the Golan Heights

🚩 Gaza: terrorist involved in the massacre on October 7 eliminated Wednesday morning

🔷 Terrorists may have infiltrated, early on Wednesday morning, the West Bank settlement Almon in Binyamin. The Home Front Command informed residents to „Immediately enter a protected space inside the house and close the door tightly.“ The settlement is close to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. https://lnk.sk/gti2

🔷 Egyptian president, CIA director discuss hostage deal; Shin Bet chief in Cairo to address Egypt border issues. Several high-level meetings aim to advance hostage deal and truce talks. https://lnk.sk/mcky

🔷 Two Israeli civilians were killed in a rocket impact in the Golan Heights on Tuesday evening, police said, amid a barrage of some 40 rockets fired by Hezbollah, hours after one of its operatives Yasser Qarnabash in Syria earlier in the day was killed in a purported Israeli strike on the Beirut-Damascus highway in Syria. https://lnk.sk/ikpp

🔷 Hamas terorist involved in the massacre on October 7 was eliminated wednesday morning in an airstrike in Khan Yunis with „precision weaponry”. There are reports of damage to a nearby humanitarian tent. According to the Palestinian reports, around 30 people – including children, were killed. The use of civilian shields by Hamas has been heavily documented throughout the war, with tunnels being located under UN facilities and terrorists being found in Gazan schools. https://lnk.sk/kpxb 

🔷 American support for Israel could be at risk unless steps are taken to maintain bi-partisan support for the Jewish State, US Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew said. “You don’t need either party to be 100% if you’ve got most of both. And that’s where the support for Israel is. It’s probably, still close to 70%.” https://lnk.sk/dcw3

🔷 The degrading of Hamas’s ability to carry out another October 7 means bulldozing down any structures, industrial or residential, within a kilometer of the border fence. It means destroying city blocks to get to tunnels and uprooting Hamas tunnels – not merely blowing up their shafts, but digging deep down into the earth to completely uproot those tunnels. https://lnk.sk/jnh0

🔷 Biden intel chief: Iran is funding, emboldening anti-Israel protests in US to sow discord. Avril Danica Haines says that while those protesting are doing so in good faith, they can still be exploited by foreign actors. Warns Tehran likely to intensify activity as election nears. https://lnk.sk/xgq1

🔵 COMMENTARY of the day Gaza Destruction Likely Helped Push Hamas to Soften Ceasefire Demands

    Jon Gambrell, AP-Washington Post

    Several officials in the Middle East and the U.S. believe the level of devastation in Gaza caused by a nine-month Israeli offensive likely has helped push Hamas to soften its demands for a ceasefire agreement. Hamas over the weekend appeared to drop its demand that Israel promise to end the war as part of any ceasefire deal.

     In recent internal communications seen by AP, messages signed by several senior Hamas figures in Gaza urged the group’s exiled political leadership to accept the ceasefire proposal pitched by President Biden. The messages described the heavy losses Hamas has suffered and the dire conditions in the war-ravaged territory. The messages indicate a readiness among top militants to reach a deal quickly, even if Hamas’s top official in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, may not be in a rush. https://lnk.sk/lv58 

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